Project Structure

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The TPOS SAC will continue the role of the current TPOS 2020 Steering Committee to lead on design and assessment and ensure better integration across the observing system. A variety of pilot and process studies will provide results during the coming years that will need expert assessment to find their place in the future design; the SAC will provide any ad hoc task teams with overarching guidance and will work with the teams to set expectations. This group will also be responsible for reporting on the state of TPOS relative to its aims by maintaining responsiveness to the new Stakeholders Group. Most importantly, the SAC will help to ensure a smooth transitioning of the functions of the current Steering Committee and Implementation Group into the new structure.

Implementation Coordination Group (ICG)

The TPOS ICG will develop documentation on standards and core Tropical Moored Array (TMA) functionality so the array remains a seamless backbone across the agencies deploying it. The ICG will work closely with the SAC on the implementation of the observing system,especially during the initial transition period. The ICG will work on evaluating the current role of the group and determine how those roles can/should transition to the SAC and/or Task Teams as appropriate. Further, this group will also help the SAC develop the expectations for the relationship with intergovernmental bodies like GOOS.

Stakeholders Group

The TPOS Stakeholders Group will assume a similar role to the current TPOS Resources Forum (TRF). This group will focus on accountability and on better alignment of resources for TPOS and stakeholder needs, and will be representative of the diverse interests in TPOS with an emphasis on implementation and responsiveness. The Stakeholders Forum will be responsible for coordinating with the SAC to establish a set of performance metrics that can be tracked and evaluated to strengthen the accountability mechanisms. These metrics will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure that TPOS continues to make progress through implementation of the recommendations, continues to innovate, continues to encourage new partners and contributors, and better engages with stakeholders throughout the value chain.

Task Teams

Small, focused Task Teams brought great value to the TPOS 2020. The details of potential new Task Teams (TT) and/or expert groups are yet to be determined and will be formed on an ad hoc basis since the need for these groups will continue to evolve.

For a current list of TPOS members, please visit the Membership and Affiliations page.
Note that the Member list will continue to evolve through time.