TPOS 2020 Project Reports

First Report

The First Report was released in December 2016. It contains initial recommendations for the Backbone and a synopsis of initial results and plans for the various initiatives of TPOS 2020.The First Report was the subject of two review cycles: the first review cycle by experts focused on the scientific and technical aspects. The second review cycle was open, for stakeholder and general comment.

Second Report

The Second Report was released in May 2019. it builds off the First Report covering new areas of review, expanding on areas that were not adequately covered in the First Report, and providing additional detail of the Backbone observing system. Progress with implementation and the pathway to bring new technology into the Backbone are also discussed. The Report was subject to a community review period.

Download Executive Summaries (PDF)

Final Report

The Third and Final Report of TPOS 2020 has been fully endorsed by the Steering Committee as the conclusion of the TPOS 2020 Project. This report builds upon the First and Second Reports (released in 2016 and 2019, respectively), provides an update that resolves issues where possible, and sets the stage for our successors. The Final Report provides the foundation for the future evolution of the arrays: describing remaining unresolved issues and a governance structure that will provide the necessary scientific advice and coordination among the implementing agencies.

Download Executive Summaries (PDF)